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Note: This page discusses the General Ledger Review System, which is the system being used by UC Davis for ledger review through June 2015.  Starting with the July 2015 ledgers, a new Ledger Review process will be used at UC Davis.

The following illustration shows options on the Ledger Review menu. Not all options will be available to all users. The table below describes each option and which users will have access to it. Menu options that are restricted to system administrators (i.e., certain Accounting staff) are not described in the table.

Menu Option Purpose Reviewer Plan Manager
Review Ledgers  Use this option to review the ledgers of closed fiscal periods. 
Finalize Review  Primary Reviewers use this option to finalize their ledgers after the monthly review is complete. 
Create/Edit Review Plans  Plan Managers use this option to create new plans or modify existing plans.   
Uncertified Review Plans  This report displays a list of plans that have not yet been finalized. If you click the numbers in the # Unreviewed column, you will be taken to the Unreviewed Transactions Report where you can annotate transactions. 
Add Plan Manager  This option is used to assign a Plan Manager
Unreviewed Transactions Report  This report gives you a list of transactions, based on the following criteria:
  • Checkmark the Show All Transactions? box to see all of the month's transactions, whether they've been annotated or not.
  • Checkmark the Uncorrected Transactions Only? box to see just the transactions that need correcting.
  • Leave both of the above fields unmarked to see only the transactions that have not been annotated.
You can annotate transactions directly from this report. This report does not summarize by document, but if you annotate the document all the lines underneath will also annotate. This report can be used to find transactions that need follow up, whether or not the plan has been finalized.  
Accounts Not Assigned to Review Plans  This option displays accounts in your organization structure that have not been manually assigned to a plan (they default into a plan called "Unassigned Accounts"). If you search an organization that has lots of accounts in it or in subordinate organizations, the report may time out before all of the data is returned. An alternative is to use the Create/Edit Review Plans option, which allows you to open a new or existing plan; the available accounts appear in the All Accounts box.   
View Past Certifications  This report provides a list of ledgers that have already been finalized in the system. 
Remove Plan Manager  This option is used to remove a user's Plan Manager status. 
Review Plan Summary  This option provides information about review plans in your organization, including plan managers, reviewers, primary reviewer, review type, use of auto-annotation and/or statistical sampling, and accounts. Include unassigned accounts by clicking on the Include Unassigned Accounts box.   

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