GLRS - Finalization

GLRS - Finalization

Note: This page discusses the General Ledger Review System, which is the system being used by UC Davis for ledger review through June 2015.  Starting with the July 2015 ledgers, a new Ledger Review process will be used at UC Davis.

Finalization is the step done after ledgers are annotated. You have not met your monthly ledger review obligation until this step is completed. A fiscal period cannot be finalized until the ledger for that period has been closed. Finalization is performed by the primary reviewer. To finalize a plan:

  1. From the Ledger Review menu, click Finalize Review.
  2. On the Finalize Ledger Review screen, select a fiscal period to be finalized. Only fiscal periods that have not been finalized will be displayed. If your plan does not appear, it may have been created after the period closed, and therefore won't be available until the following month.
  3. Select an organization. The choices that appear are based upon the organizations for which you are a primary reviewer. Note: If your department uses multiple charts (e.g., Charts 3 and L), select each one separately.
  4. Select a review plan to finalize. Plans that are ready for finalization appear in black. Plans that are not ready for finalization are greyed out and show Incomplete, meaning annotation isn't finished. To annotate incomplete plans, click the view unreviewed transactions button and when finished, click Return to Ledger Review Menu (at the bottom of the screen). Then start again at Step 1 above.
  5. Click the continue button to proceed to the certification page.
  6. Carefully read the screen to be sure you are finalizing the correct plan.
  7. Click the certify button to confirm that the review has been done.
  8. On the Certification Review screen, click the finish button to complete the process or click the print button to get a hard copy of the certification.

When I tried to finalize, why did I get a message saying a full review is needed?

The message appears because the number of transactions marked as invalid exceeded 3% of all transactions required for review. This means a review of all items is required to finalize that month’s ledger. Return to the main menu and click Review Ledgers or Unreviewed Transactions Report to annotate remaining transactions.

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