In what order will the accounts in my plan appear when I run my ledgers for review?

The default sort for accounts is by organization hierarchy first, then by account number. However, you have the option to sort by any two of: Org Hierarchy, Account, Account Manager and PI Name. This is set in the Ledger Account Sort field toward the bottom of the query input screen.

Why don't I have the Prev Month and Next Month links on the report?

If you access the ledger through the GL Review menu, these links will not be present. However, if you enter the Transaction Listing (2) through the regular menus, or through query jump, the links will be there.

How do I add a plan manager?
Go to the General Ledger Review menu and click on Add Plan Manager. Enter the employee's user ID and their organization.

Completing this form will create a DaFIS FIS User (USER) document which will go through standard routing for the organization specified.

How long does it take for a new plan manager to be set up?

When you create a plan manager in the GL Review system, a DaFIS FIS User (USER) document is generated that routes for approval within Transaction Processing (TP). The document will go through any review hierarchy routing established for your organization before routing to the campus Chart Manager for final approval.

Plan manager permissions become active the morning after the USER document receives final approval.

How soon after I add a plan reviewer can they begin reviewing and annotating the ledger?

Plan reviewers can begin reviewing immediately after being added to a plan.

Can anyone be a ledger reviewer?

Any DaFIS user can be set up as a reviewer. The plan manager for their organization has to add them on the Create/Edit Review Plan screen.

What is the difference between a reviewer and a primary reviewer?
Reviewers and primary reviewers can both perform the monthly review of the ledger, and annotate the transactions as valid, invalid, or needing correction.

The difference is that the primary reviewer has the added responsibility of clicking the Finalize Review link to indicate the review is completed.

How do I designate a primary reviewer for a plan?

Go to Create/Edit Review Plan, select the plan you want, and click on Edit. This will take you to the Plan Setup screen where you can identify the primary reviewer.

Once I create a plan, when will I see it on my Start Ledger Review menu?

You won't see your plans listed in the Start Ledger Review menu until after the current open fiscal period closes. For example, if you create a plan during the October fiscal period, your plan will show up in November when the October period closes. The Start Ledger Review menu only lists review plans that existed at the time the prior fiscal period closed.

Can I still annotate my ledger if my new plan isn't showing in the Start Ledger Review menu yet?

You can annotate your ledgers for a month that has not yet closed by running a regular Transaction Listing (FIS2) report with the Enable Annotations box marked (just above the Transaction Listing Options box on the query page).

Can a plan manager also be a reviewer?

Yes. A person can be the plan manager, reviewer, and primary reviewer.

If a plan manager in the ledger world is also the fiscal officer / account manager in the DaFIS and Kuali worlds, they are likely to encounter transactions that the system wont let them approve (e.g., they created the document and approved it, or they changed the FAU in routing without any further approvers in the process). For this reason, it would be wise to have another reviewer in place.
My plan no longer has accounts. Why do I still have to finalize it?

The system was designed to require all plans to be finalized. If you've moved accounts from one plan to another, delete the original plan by using the Create/Edit Review Plans link, click on the plan, then click the Delete button.

How soon after I add a plan reviewer can they begin reviewing and annotating the ledger?

Plan reviewers can begin reviewing immediately after being added to a plan.

Note: This page discusses the General Ledger Review System, which is the system being used by UC Davis for ledger review through June 2015.  Starting with the July 2015 ledgers, a new Ledger Review process will be used at UC Davis.

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