GL Review System (GLRS) (non-payroll)

GL Review System (GLRS) (non-payroll)

Note: This page discusses the General Ledger Review System, which is the system being used by UC Davis for ledger review through June 2015.  Starting with the July 2015 ledgers, a new Ledger Review process will be used at UC Davis.

What is the General Ledger Review System?

The General Ledger (GL) Review System is an online mechanism used to perform the monthly ledger review of non-payroll transactions. The system ensures separation of duties (i.e., no one person has complete control over a transaction) and monitors whether reviews are being performed timely. The system can reduce the workload associated with reviewing ledgers provided the plans are set up to use auto-annotation and/or statistical sampling.

Contracts & Grants Accounting has approved the use of the GL Review System for reviewing and certifying accounts funded from extramural sources with the understanding that the Principal Investigator (PI) has the primary responsibility for financial management and control of project funds, in accordance with university and sponsor policies and procedures. If the funds are used improperly or the grant is over-drafted, the PI and/or the department will be responsible for covering the expenses.

How does the system work?

The system works as follows:
  1. A plan manager creates a plan
  2. A reviewer annotates transactions (i.e., marks as valid or invalid)
  3. A primary reviewer finalizes the plan
  4. Someone in the department makes corrections to the transactions (some departments do this before the plan is finalized)

How do I access the system?

DaFIS users who have a UCD login ID and a Kerberos password can access the GL Review System. Here's how:
  1. Log into FIS Decision Support (DS).
  2. On the main menu, click General Ledger.
  3. Click General Ledger Review.

Not all options on the Ledger Review menu screen are available to all users; see Menu Options for details.

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