New Ledger Review Process (2015)

QLR Details

QLR Overview PowerPoint Now Available!

Get an overview of the Quarterly Ledger Review (QLR) in this PowerPoint document. 

Who Can Access the QLR?  When is it Completed?

The QLR report (the Dean/VC Quarterly Ledger Review (405)) is reviewed quarterly by a member of the Dean's Office (one of the persons listed in one of the Dean's Office fields in the Organization Management section of the Organization document). 

What Organization Type Codes Complete the QLR?

The Organization Type Codes of V (Vice-Chancellor), S (School or College), and R (Central Managed Accounts)  are those organization levels at which the QLR occurs.

How does the Report Work?  What Information is Included?

The QLR looks and operates similarly to the MLR but is completed on a Quarterly basis (October, January, April, July) by a member of the Dean's Office.

The report includes the following information for each fiscal quarter composed of 3 fiscal periods (July-September, October-December, January-March, April-June). 

  • a list of overdue account reviews
  • a list of accounts in overdraft as of the last fiscal period of that fiscal quarter
  • high risk transactions
  • high value transactions (default is $10,000 but can be set higher/lower as needed)
  • summary of revenues and expenditures
  • a review button to that you click to indicate you have reviewed the report

The report shows the Current Quarter Expenditures, the Prior Quarter Expenditures, and the Same Quarter Expenditures from the previous fiscal year.

Other Things to Note about the QLR:

  • QLR is using the Level 4 ORGs for sign-off.
  • Quarter 1 numbers don’t include beginning balances, they only include activity from July-Sept.  The balance to date will include the beginning balances.
  • Excel download is available for ALL the report options.
  • The high value transaction default has been set at $10K for review purposes.   If the default is changed above $10K the review button will not show.
  • The QLR uses the Organization structure at the end of the quarter.  For example, if you are running it for the first quarter, it will use the org structure as of the close of September.
  • If there are changes to organizations or to the organizations associated with those accounts it may affect the drill downs for the Prior Quarter or the Prior Year.

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