New Ledger Review Process (2015)

Differences Between GLRS and New Ledger System

The table below highlights the major differences between the General Ledger Review System (GLRS) and the Analytical Ledger Review (ALR)  being implemented in July 2015.  Although there are system differences, the importance of completing a monthly ledger review is as critical as before.   

General Ledger Review

Analytical Ledger Review

Access it from the FIS Web Application menu

New report (403) in FIS Decision Support (DS)

Accounts must be assigned to “plans” before review can occur

All accounts assigned to Fiscal Officer appear automatically

Someone other than Fiscal Officer completes the review

Fiscal Officer completes the review

Review each individual TRANSACTION (“thumbs up/down”)

Analytical review of the account, not transaction by transaction. 

Payroll Transactions not included and have to be reviewed/records maintained outside of the system

Payroll Transactions included and reviewed along with other account activity

High-Value Transactions and High- Risk Transactions not highlighted on report

High-Value Transactions and High-Risk Transactions highlighted on report

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General Ledger Review Menu