New Ledger Review Process (2015)

ALR-MLR-QLR Workflow

Report Who Can Complete
Others Who Can Complete
When Email Notifications
Organization Type Codes that Complete
Analytical Ledger Review (403) Fiscal Officer listed for the account N/A Monthly
  • Monthly Notification to FO when ready to review
  • Notification to FO when ALR has not been completed within calendar 60 days of the fiscal period closing
Management Ledger Review (404) MSO (person listed in the MSO field on the Organization document) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Director, Manager


  • Monthly Notification to MSO when ready to review
  • Notification to MSO with list of fiscal officers who have not completed the ALR within 60 calendar days of the fiscal period closing
  • Department (D)
  • Department Group (G)
Quarterly Ledger Review (405) Dean's Office staff (one of the users listed in the Organization Management section of the Organization document) The person who completes the MLR cannot also complete the QLR.  This rule is to ensure a proper separation of duties. Quarterly (October, January, April, July)
  • Quarterly Notification sent to Budget Analyst
  • Quarterly Notification sent to Assistant Dean/Associate Vice Chancellor if Budget Analyst has already completed the MLR
  • Vice-Chancellor (V)
  • School or College (S)
  • Central Managed Accounts (R)

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