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Most KFS training is available in both online and classroom formats.  To access the training log into the UC Learning CenterEnter the keywords below, such as KFS Purchasing or KFS Accounts Payable, to find the appropriate class.  Audio is included in the online training, so speakers or headphones are necessary.  Lessons require Adobe Flash 10 or higher.

Accounts Receivable

Purchasing/Accounts Payable/CAMS

Financial Transactions

  • Performing Budget Adjustments (15 min)
  • Performing Salary Expense Transfers (30 min)  (Note: Pre-approval required)
  • KFS: FIS DS Labor Reports (15 min)
  • Initiating Cash Receipts (20 min)
  • Reviewing Credit Card Receipts (20 min)
  • Initiating Advance Deposits (15 min)
  • Financial Transactions (20 min)

Chart of Accounts

  • Creating a Financial Organization (20 min)
  • Setting Up Accounts (25 min)
  • Setting Up Account Delegates (25 min)
  • The Power of Groups (20 min)

Other Classroom Training Options

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