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Open/Resolved Items in KFS

This page provides a high-level summary of current outstanding items in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) as of 2/8/16. Many of these open items have also been communicated to the FIS user email list. This page will be updated as items are resolved.

We thank you for your patience as we work to improve the KFS processing experience.

Open Items: Accounts Receivable

Item Resolved Resolved Date Comments
SR 19152: Modify Fiscal Year/Period Selection on FIS409 YES 3/23/16

RESOLVED: The proposed changes to AR Aging Report (FIS 409).

1. Remove the Fiscal Period Range and just keep the Fiscal Period.

2. Allow only Run Date or Fiscal Year/Period at a time.

3. Include/exclude all documents (invoice, Application, Application Adjustment etc.) based on the Run Date or Fiscal Year/Period. Currently it apppears that the report is pulling the invoices correctly but everything else is not filtered by Run Date or Fiscal Year/Period.

SR 19051: INV: The text in item description should be wrapped NO The width of the Customer Invoice may necessitate  scrolling horizontally.
SR 19052: FIS407: Displays unapplied amount incorrectly when an adjustment has been made YES 3/30/16 RESOLVED: We advise using the Customer Unapplied Summary Report in KFS at this time for information on unapplied payments.
SR 18976: APPA document is failing validation when the Customer Name is longer than 40 characters. YES 4/15/16
SR 18928: Enhancements to Customer History Summary (408) and Detail (409) reports NO

The Customer History Summary (408) report will display a lot of data that is not useful as time goes on. The following enhancements have been requested.

1. Add a date range to query criteria.

2. Add an option to exclude/include zero balance.

3. Add an option to export to excel.

4. Add a customer search option.

5. Add a service date.

SR 18929: AR Aging Report (409) is not displaying the fiscal period info accurately YES 1/7/16 RESOLVED: Previously, AR Aging Report (409) was pulling information based on the dates entered, not fiscal period. As a result the report displayed inaccurate information for month end/year end purpose.
SR 18915: Allow Void Invoice when there is cancelled doc YES 11/19/15
SR 18988: Modify Unapplied Payments (FIS407) to include the documents w/o invoice # YES 10/1/15
SR 18845: Customer Invoice Writeoff Global Note Disappears YES 9/24/15
SR 19037: Printed Customer Invoice Not Displaying US States and Zip Codes YES 9/24/15

RESOLVED: U.S. States and Zip Codes are once again correctly displaying on printed invoices.

SR 18850: Customer Invoice displays incorrect terminology for International Addresses YES 9/17/15

RESOLVED: Previously, Customer Invoice was displaying terms "State" and "Postal Code" instead of "International Province" and "International Postal Code"

SR 18836: Customer Invoice Writeoff is not pulling in the Sub Object code from the Organization Accounting Default document YES 9/17/15
SR 18867: Not able to print an invoice if the fax number has incorrect format (nnn-nnn-nnnn). YES 9/17/15

RESOLVED.  Previously, the workaround was to update the Organization Options document for that organization to format the fax number as xxx-xxx-xxx. 

SR 18824: Fix several items on Customer Invoice Report YES 9/17/15


1.  Require Chart and Org fields to be completed.

2.  If the TO Document Number is blank, print all invoices starting from the FROM Document Number

3.  Sort the pdf invoices by Document Number

4.  Allow searches for org in uppercase or lowercase (previously required org to be typed in uppercase)

SR 18865: Customer: Phone Number should be free-form to allow for both domestic and international customers YES 7/30/15
SR 18848: Billing Statement doesn't print Country information in Payment Stub Area YES 7/30/15
SR 18843: Add ability to search Customer Lookup by Country Code YES 7/30/15
SR 18820: Add Organization Document Number in Application Adjustment documents to associated ledger entries YES 7/30/15
SR 18847: Invoice Lookup: Document Status Column Inadvertently Displays Twice YES 7/30/15
SR 18866: AR Aging Report (409) displays the same customer twice YES 7/16/15

RESOLVED: This issue was only intermittently happening on the 409 report for some customer records.  In some cases, the customer was displayed more than once with different information, causing the balances listed to be incorrect.

SR 18809: Unable to approve Application doc when customer name is longer than 40 characters YES 5/28/15 RESOLVED: Application document can be created, but generates an error at the approval stage when the Customer Name is longer than 40 characters.
SR 1811: AR Void Invoice: DaFIS Invoice Error on Future Service Date YES 5/27/15 RESOLVED: DaFIS Invoice allowed a future service date but KFS does not. Error on the future service date blocks a void on the DaFIS Invoice.
SR 18793 - Getting an error when attempting to copy a Customer Invoice YES 5/21/15 RESOLVED: This issue seems to only occur when users are copying a DaFIS converted Customer Invoice.  Upon adding an item line, they get the incident error.
SR 18802: INV Void : Unable to Void Customer Invoices YES 5/21/15


  • Error when submitting document to void invoice - The Financial Document Explanation Text may only consist of visible characters.
  • Void button is not visible to all users in Billing organization 
Open Items: Purchasing/AP/CAMS
Item Resolved Resolved Date Comments
SR 18121: FIS 364 Correct the DS 364 report to include all accounting lines for the Paid To Date Amount, and include Quantity/No Quantity Item Lines YES 5/4/16 RESOLVED: The DS 364 does not always display all of the open Purchase Orders for an organization as it should.  Currently the report does not display orders with Item Lines of No Qty and does not always properly update the correct remaining balance and encumbrance amounts.
SR 17944: Include a Related Documents Section on the Purchase Agreement Document YES 10/15/15 RESOLVED: In order to assist users in locating the activity (purchases, payments, etc.) against a Purchase Agreement, add a Related Documents section, similar to what is currently included on the Requisition and Purchase Order documents.
SR 17946: Requisition does not need to route for second approval from commodity code reviewer if referencing a Purchase Agreement that already has the approval for the commodity NO All needed commodity code reviewer approvals (from centralized units, including Safety Services and Facilities) will be secured on the Purchase Agreement document.
SR 17957: Pending Ledger Entries intermittently dropping from documents NO Payable documents (PREQ, DVs) and potentially PCDOs are dropping PLEs during routing. We are troubleshooting this issue and hope for a resolution in the near future.
SR 17839: Purchase Order should not automatically close until AFTER the final Payment Request is Fully Approved YES 11/3/14 RESOLVED: After the Payment Request is created and routed, the Purchase Order is automatically closed, but this is a problem in some cases where the PREQ may be disapproved. The user than has to reopen the PO in order to process another PREQ document.
SR 17951: Add Reprint button on the Purchase Agreement YES 10/8/14 RESOLVED: Allow department users to reprint the Purchase Agreement (PA) document. Previously, only the Purchasing department could print out the PA document. Department users could click on the "printer icon" in the upper right corner of the document in order to print out a screen shot of the PA, but department users can now print out the PA in a similar format to that of the Purchase Order document.
SR 18046: Purchase Agreement that is Final and Open is not showing in the Vendor Contract table YES 10/8/14 RESOLVED: Previously, some fully-approved Purchase Agreements were not appearing as active in the Vendor Contract table in KFS, thus not allowing users to enter them on a Requisition document.
SR 17960: Buyer is unable to Finalize the Purchase Agreement YES 10/8/14 RESOLVED: The Finalize button was occasionally not working for the buyer finalizing a Purchase Agrement.
SR 17976: Unable to split Payment Request document accounting lines by amount - only the % column shows up when initiating YES 6/23/14 RESOLVED: Previously, when users need to split accounting, the PREQ did not support entering accounting line distribution by amount - only %. But when the document was submitted, it did show the amounts and % in the inquiry. This was creating problems when users had multiple accounting line splits.
SR 17483: Create Asset Transfer Global Functionality YES 6/19/14 This NEW functionality allows department asset representatives to transfer MULTIPLE assets from one department to another. Learn more on the Asset Transfer Global help page.
SR 17722: Fix Pre-Trip Application to recognize KFS Vendors YES 5/21/14 RESOLVED: Previously, vendor records created in KFS were not being recognized by the MyTravel Pre-Trip application. The functionality has been corrected so that KFS vendor records are properly recognized by the Pre-Trip application.
SR 17983: Requisition Document: Unable to approve document as Org Reviewer YES 4/30/14 RESOLVED: This was an intermittent issue that did not allow the organization reviewer to approve a Requisition document.
SR 17799: Develop lookup to PPS for retrieving employee payment address information on the Disbursement Voucher (DV) document YES 4/25/14 RESOLVED: Previously, there were situations where the employee address appeared BLANK in KFS, and the user was unable to complete the DV document. The change to the functionality now retrieves the employee's check address from the university Payroll & Personnel System (PPS). If there isn't a check address for the employee in PPS, the Home Department assigned to the employee is displayed.
SR 17661: Modify GL entries from KFS to capture PO #s and Vendor Names used by DS reports YES 4/23/14 RESOLVED: The Transaction Listing (2) report should now be returning the PO#s and Vendor Names in the General Ledger (GL) entries. The GL entries created by KFS have been modified so that this information will be displayed by the reports that use this information, including the 2 report.
SR 17748: Rounding issues with Accounting Lines on Requisition document YES 4/18/14 RESOLVED: Previously, due to system rounding, some totals were being calculated by the system as slightly below or slightly above 100%. This caused the REQS document to error out and did not allow the user to complete the document with the accounting lines indicated as they were.
SR 17968: Initiator to receive an FYI when the Vendor document is in FINAL status YES 4/18/14 RESOLVED: This change will allow the initiator to know when the Vendor document has been approved without needing to do a Document Search to see the current status.
SR 17985: Improve system memory usage to prevent server crashes during routing and simulations YES 4/16/14 RESOLVED: Previously, documents with large number of action requests could sometimes cause issues with the available memory on the KFS servers when performing document simulations.
SR 18002: Missing Disbursement Voucher (DV) documents in FIS Decision Support YES 4/16/14 RESOLVED: Previously, some DV documents were missing in Decision Support, including on the Transactions By Document (19) report, though they were in KFS. The applicable FIS DS reports have been modified to retrieve all DV records.
SR 16655: KFS Documents SAVED in User Action List (not yet in routing) should not be included in Pending Transactions lists in FIS Decision Support YES 4/15/14 RESOLVED: Fix prevents documents in SAVED status from being added to the Pending Ledger Entries table. This corrects FIS reports which can include Pending Ledger Entry Transactions.
SR 17720: Exception Routing: When a user disapproves a document at AdHoc/Initiator routing node (REQS, PO, PREQ) YES 4/10/14 RESOLVED: Previously, users were unable to disapprove Requisition, Purchase Order, and Payment Request documents that had been ad hoc routed to them. Documents that had not been ad hoc routed were NOT affected.
SR 17847: ELR: Cannot renew equipment loans YES 4/10/14 RESOLVED: Previously, equipment loans could not be renewed or returned.

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