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Travel Expense Instructions

Sensitive Information on the DV: Do NOT include sensitive information on the KFS DV document or on any of the electronic attachments. Examples include Social Security numbers (SSN), personal health care information (PHI), and personal banking information (excluding the Wire Transfer tab, which is approved for banking information).

The most common situation for using the TEV Payment Reason Code on the KFS Disbursement Voucher is when a vendor bills the university directly for a travel-related expense (i.e., your department receives an invoice payable to the vendor). In this case, the TEV is used to process a payment directly to the vendor, not to an employee or non employee traveler.

Moving and Relocation Expenses

Please note that the following must be electronically attached to the KFS DV as Supporting Backup for reimbursements for moving and relocation expenses:

  • All original receipts

  • Offer letters authorizing reimbursement based on policy

  • All required signatures on TEV Relocation form

  • Reference all document numbers and report keys of other payments or employee reimbursements made in connection with request.

The policy applied is determined by the employee PPS classification.

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