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Accounting & Financial Services (A&FS)  oversees and hosts a number of online systems for tracking and recording financial and payroll activity.

AggieBuy is the "next generation" of e-procurement at UC Davis!  AggieBuy replaces UCD Buy, the previous e-procurement system. 

AggieShip will take outbound shipping into the future!  Target implementation is mid-2018. 

AggieTravel is the next generation of travel and entertainment expense reporting for UC Davis! Concur Technologies, a division of SAP, brings UC Davis an automated, mobile and connected travel and expense management software to replace the current, MyTravel, system.

Analytical Ledger Review (ALR), Management Ledger Review (MLR), and Quarterly Ledger Review (QLR) compose the Ledger Review System effective with the July 2015 ledgers.  The ALR is completed monthly by the fiscal officer assigned to the account, the MLR is completed monthly by the manager/MSO/department head, and the QLR is completed quarterly by the Dean's Office.  This system replaces the previous General Ledger Review System (GLRS) which was required for ledger review prior to the July 2015 ledgers.

Cost Share Application (CSA) is ALL-NEW in September 2018.  This application is used to report cost shared project expenses on sponsored awards with committed cost sharing.  Cost sharing is the portion of project or program costs not borne by the funding agency. 

Effort Commitment System is used to record faculty member committed effort in one central system.  Effort commitment is the portion of time committed to a particular activity expressed as a percentage of the individual's total activity for the university.

Effort Reporting System (ERS)  is a UC-wide system used to certify to the federal granting agencies that the effort required as a condition of an award has actually been completed.  Certification is required for all employees whose salaries are charged directly to federal and federal flow-through funds.

FIS Decision Support (FIS DS) is the online reporting component of the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and DaFIS. FIS DS contains the approved transaction information from Transaction Processing (TP), MyTravel, UCD Buy, and it also contains the billing information from UC Davis service units.

General Ledger Review System (GLRS) was the system used to perform the monthly ledger review of financial transactions through the June 2015 ledgers. The system has been replaced with the ALR, MLR, and QLR described above.

GLACIER is a secure online Nonresident Alien (NRA) tax compliance system that foreign visitors use to provide their immigrant and tax data to UC Davis.

Kuali Financial System (KFS) is the financial system used to perform a variety of transactions, from Purchasing to Accounts Payable, Capital Asset Management to Labor Distribution, and Accounts Receivable.

MyTravel is the travel and entertainment expense reporting system for UC Davis employees traveling and entertaining on behalf of the university.

Payroll Personnel System (PPS) is the Payroll and Personnel System maintained by Office of the President and used by each UC campus.  There is a desktop and web component option available for this system.

PPS Decision Support (PPS DS) is a reporting tool that uses the local PPS Data Warehouse. The Payroll/Personnel data from Office of the President is loaded onto a local server where users can query using a tool like Microsoft Access, or the more-popular web-based reports to access the data.

Time Reporting System (TRS) is used to track work and non-work hours (vacation, sick leave, etc.) for eligible employees. 

UCD Buy is the e-procurement portal to many of our  university contract vendors. Vendors available in UCD Buy have a UC-systemwide or local contract, with negotiated terms and pricing.  

UCPath is a future UC-wide system which will  align HR and payroll processes and technology across all campuses and medical centers. The project includes replacing the 30-year-old payroll/personnel system (PPS) with PeopleSoft and establishing a shared services approach for HR and payroll services supporting all UC employees. 

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