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Locating DaFIS Information in FIS DS

Now that DaFIS Transaction Processing (TP) is being retired, you might wonder where you can locate the information on those past DaFIS TP documents...FIS Decision Support (DS) is the answer!  Below are several reports that display ONLY DaFIS transaction information (not KFS) that will help you track down information on your DaFIS documents:

  • DaFIS Document Lookup (9):  This is a good query to use if you have a specific DaFIS document number to search against, or if you know the name of the document initiator for whom you want to run a report.   This query most closely mirrors the functionality that was previously available on the Document Search screen in DaFIS TP.
  • Purchasing System Documents Lookup (27) If you need to find out the number of the DaFIS Purchase Order (PO) assigned to a DaFIS Purchase Requisition (REQ), the buyer in Contracting Services who created the PO, the vendor to which the order was placed, or the total dollar amount paid against a purchasing document, this query will be very helpful.
  • Payment/Credit Lookup (112) This query is very helpful if you need to locate payment information for a DaFIS Purchase Order (PO) or Departmental Purchase Order (DPO) or to see all payment activity (AP Direct Charge, AP Vendor Invoice, AP Credit Memo) for a particular organization/department or account(s).   You can also use this query to see payments issued against a specific Vendor Invoice Number or to a specific Vendor.
  • Asset Addition Report (284) If you're looking for information on when an asset was added to DaFIS CAMS, the 284 will provide you with this information.  Many of these assets may still be active in KFS. 
  • Asset Lookup (143) If you are in possession of an item with a UCOP Tag Number, but you can't locate that number in KFS CAMS, the 143 report will show you if the asset was retired in DaFIS CAMS. 
  • DaFIS Asset Notes (372) If you're looking for any notes associated with a specific asset that was originally created in DaFIS, the 372 report will provide this information.
  • AR Payment Lookup (300):  This report provides information on DaFIS Accounts Receivable (AR) activity. 

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