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Commodities Purchased Log (365)

Commodities Purchased Log (365) in FIS Decision Support (DS) is a good report for tracking purchased commodities in both KFS and AggieBuy and can be helpful when making future purchasing decisions.  The query allows you to search by many criteria, including:

  • Search by Vendor: This field allows you to search for commodities purchased from a specific vendor.
  • Search for a single commodity code, or a list: This field gives you the option to specify a list of codes for your report. 
  • Chart/Org/Account not required: If you have the need to see campus-wide purchasing activity for a specific commodity code(s), you can do that!
  • Show Org Level 4:  When this option is checked,  results include the higher-level organization code to which the organization cited on the purchasing document reports (e.g., Dean’s Office).
  • Report Sort Order:  This field allows sorting of the results by Commodity Code, Organization Code, or Vendor Name.  If you do not specify a sort order, the report will default to sorting numerically by Commodity Code.

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