Effort Reporting System

2018-19 Key Tasks and Due Dates

certification of effort reports for the period of October 2017 - September 2018


Due Date


Nov 1-9

Submit requests to update ERS permissions for new employees or changes in responsibilities; please use the latest forms.

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Certification Permission Request Form

Nov 1-9

Ensure visibility of your reports: verify subscriptions to all PI ‘MyCertifications’ and ‘My Projects’ lists; make ‘Saved Searches’ for any miscellaneous employees or accounts; update saved searches for your Emeritus Faculty PIs.

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Nov 1-9

Review the Review the 2018 Coordinator Update

Review additional training information as needed.

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Nov 1-9

Prepare for meetings with your faculty as needed during the certification period, make appointments now for those hard-to-reach PIs

Nov 13

CGA target date to notify ERS Coordinators that effort reports will be released in two (business) days; Coordinators begin advance review/analysis of reports if needed.

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Nov 15

CGA target date to notify PIs that the certification period has begun and certifications must be completed by Jan 28; Coordinators meet with certifiers as needed.

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Nov 15 to Jan 28

CGA will send a weekly ERS status report for your unit; Coordinators must follow up as needed to ensure completion of all certifications by January 28, 2018.

Jan 28

Certification period ends; all effort reports must be certified.

Jan 31

Salary expense transfers must be completed to resolve reports with Certified/AdjustReqd status.

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