Why can't I find Accounts Receivable Documents in DaFIS?

DaFIS Accounts Receivable (AR) was retired on Friday May 8th, 2015 at 5pm.  All Accounts Receivable functions are now done in KFS.  Check out the training and help resources to assist with your KFS AR processing! And, learn more about the transition from DaFIS to KFS AR here.  Note: AR Maintenance information (organization, account defaults, customers) was automatically transferred from DaFIS to KFS.

DaFIS is the acronym for the Davis Financial Information System and was the system used previous to KFS.  DaFIS will soon be retired as the financial functions have been trasferred to the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Operating Hours

DaFIS has the same operating hours as KFS. 

Becoming a DaFIS User

If you need access to DaFIS, follow the same instructions as those for getting KFS user access.

DaFIS Password

Click here if you need to change your DaFIS password (not Kerberos passphrase).  If you have forgotten your DaFIS password, contact the FIS Help Desk at fishelp@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-3855 for assistance.

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