Cost Share Tracking System (CSTS)

Why won't my expenses import?

First, make sure your tracking entries are set up in the correct category.

  • Salaries and Wages transactions import from the labor ledger based on the date posted, not the Pay Period End date.
  • Non-payroll transactions only import if the tracking entry is in the correct category, based on object consolidation:
    • Equipment:
      • SUB4 (Equipment and Facilities),
    • Supplies/Travel:
      • SUB3 (Supplies and Expense),
      • SUB5 (Travel),
      • SB55 (inactive-Travel Advances),
      • SB34 (inactive-Non Capitalized Equipment)
    • Other:
      • SUB7 (Special Items),
      • SUB9 (Recharges),
      • SB71 (inactive-not found),
      • SB73 (Subcontracts),
      • SB74 (Improvements Reserve),
      • SB09 (Hatch Funds)
      • SCHL (Scholarships & Fellowships)

Also, make sure you haven't entered invalid criteria.  The account number and object code are often sufficient.  The import process tries to match all the criteria on the tracking entry to the information in the ledger.  A reference number in the tracking entry must match exactly to the reference number in the ledger, or the transaction won't import.

Pay attention to which tracking entry is selected when running the import. Each tracking entry must be imported separately.

If an expense has already been cost-shared on another fund, it will not be available for import.  If the expense was partially cost-shared, only the remainder will import.

Finally, if you've entered a cost sharing limit, that limit is for the life of the award.  For example, if I enter a limit of $100 and during July, I import $100, no additional transactions will import on the award.

What about stipends and fees?

Stipends and fees that are paid through Banner can be imported, but only if they hit SUB3.  The tracking entry must be entered in the Supplies/Travel category.  If the stipends and fees posted to SUB6, they cannot be imported.

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