Cost Share Tracking System (CSTS)

Why can't I see my fund?

Access to a fund in CSTS is based on the user having one of these roles:

  • PI
  • Fiscal Officer/Account Manager
  • Account Associate
  • Account Delegate

on at least one active account on the fund.

If the fund is not available in the selection box,

1. make sure the user has one of the above roles on an expense account within the fund, otherwise, change the fiscal officer or account associate, or add the user as an account delegate

2. make sure the expense account is active.  If not, enter an account document and remove the expiration date.  Entering a future date will not work, the field must be blank.

3. funds will not show in the drop-down menu if the award ended more than 13 months ago. Contact CGA for assistance.

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