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Use the AggieTravel Trip Search feature to make and pay for airline reservations, and to make car rental and hotel reservations. (Car rental and hotel are not pre-paid through AggieTravel).

AggieTravel has partnered with BCD Travel Agency to offer UC pricing and protections when you make your reservations through AggieTravel. 

Before you begin your reservations, please ensure you have completed the Personal Information and Expense Information screens inside of your AggieTravel Profile. 

To make Reservations

Enter your departure airport, arrival airport, and trip dates into the Trip Search.

The system will find flights for you to choose from. Select and reserve your the flight using either the campus CTS (Central Travel System) payment method, or by entering your T&E Card number. You may also use the AggieTravel Trip Search to make reservations for personal travel - just enter a personal credit card number to finalize the purchase.

You may choose to add a car rental reservation and/or hotel reservation at the same time. Please remember, car rental and hotel reservations are not pre-paid through AggieTravel. You can make the reservations through AggieTravel, but you'll need to pay the vendor directly using your T&E Card or a personal credit card and seek reimbursement after the trip concludes.

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