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Attach Documents

To attach an image to a request:

  1. With the request open, select Attachments > Attach Documents.
  2. In the window that appears, click Browse and navigate to the desired folder (wherever you saved the scanned or saved images).
  3. Select a file and click Open. The file is added to a list under Files Selected for uploading.
  4. Repeat the process until all files (up to 10) are listed under Files Selected for uploading.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Close when done uploading. 
    NOTE: All attachments are combined into a single PDF.
  7. Submit the request as usual.

View PDFs

To view a PDF (the collection of attachments), select Attachments → Check Documents, or Attachments → View Documents in a new window. The PDF appears.

NOTE: The imaging service compresses larger PDFs. Images are not affected immediately; however, if a user views a PDF later, the user may notice that the image is now grayscale and may not be quite as clear.

Status Page Attached

A status page may be appended to the PDF, indicating that files failed to process (for example, because of password protection or an incorrect file type). 

The status page does not provide file names or the reason for the failure. It does, however, indicate which file(s) failed, such as File #1 Succeeded, File #2 Failed, File #3 Succeeded. Review the PDF to determine which files need to be corrected and uploaded again.

Note the following:

  • If no files fail to process, there is no status page.
  • If some files fail to process, the status page appears with the successes and failures listed.
  • If all files fail to process, the PDF will consist of only the status page.

Delete PDFs

You can delete the PDF if the request has not yet been submitted or if the request has been returned to you by your approver.

To delete images from a request, select Attachments → Delete Documents. The entire set of attachments (the single PDF) will be removed from the request. You cannot delete individual attachments.

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