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Create a New Request

To create a new request either:start request

On the Quick Task Bar, click New → Start a Request.

- or -

On the menu, click Requests → Create New (on the sub-menu) → New Request.

The Request page appears, with the Request Header tab selected.

On the header, complete all required fields and the optional fields (including cash advance) as needed.

Click Save.

The request ID, request name, and purpose appear at the top. 

The Expenses tab becomes available.

On the Expenses tab:

Select the appropriate expense type and date.

Enter the estimated amount.

To allocate, click the Allocate button for any of the segments or any of the expected expenses.

In the Allocations for Request window, allocate the request by percentage or amount. 
NOTE: Use an allocation favorite, if desired.

When done, click Save.

Attach images, if required.

Click Submit Request.

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