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Delegate Configuration and User Profile

To enable a delegate to view, add, or remove images (either directly or in your Available Receipts library):

Click Profile → Profile Settings → Expense Delegates (left menu)

For the desired delegate, click (enable) the Can View Receipts check box. 

NOTE: The setting says "view" but it includes view, add, delete, etc.

Receipts for Delegates

Available Receipts Area Access for Delegates

As a delegate, you can email receipts to your delegator’s Available Receipts area if:

  1.  You have verified your email address within AggieTravel; and,
  2.  Your delegator has also verified his or her email address within AggieTravel.

Additionally, you can view someone else’s Available Receipts area if you were granted permission to view receipts when identified as his or her delegate.

Emailing Receipts to Your Delegator’s Available Receipts Area

When preparing the email to your delegator’s Available Receipts area:

  • Use your verified email address to send the email. 
  • Receipt images can either be attached to the email or embedded in the email content.
  • Send the email to
  • Enter your delegator’s verified email address in the Subject line of the email.

Note: The image will appear in your Available Receipts area if your delegator’s email address has not been verified, or if you are not identified as a delegate for the individual.

If you are sending the email from an address other than the one you verified, the image will be discarded and not appear in anyone’s Available Receipts area.

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