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Travel Allowance (Per Diem)

Travel Allowance (Per Diem) is only applicable to OCONUS travel and CONUS travel of 30 days or more.

Your department may reimburse its travelers' expenses according to a schedule of set reimbursement rates, commonly known as "per diem" or "travel allowance" rates. The rates are determined by the United States government and may differ depending on location and length of travel as well as partial days of travel, seasonal travel, and so on. Travel allowances apply to meals (which includes incidentals) and lodging expenses. Travel allowances do not apply to expenses such as car rentals, airline tickets, seminars, etc.

You can use the Create New Itinerary page to create multiple-day or single-day itineraries. You can use the Single Day Itineraries page for quick entry of single-day itineraries.

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