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The travel delegate provides the non-employee traveler with their AggieTravel Traveler ID and the contact information for BCD's full service agents (877-885-8632 option 3). 

The travel delegate then sends an e-mail authorization to BCD:, informing the agency that the non-employee traveler will contact them directly.

Format the email authorization as follows:

Subject line: “UCD Arranger Authorization for Guest Last Name / First Name”

Email body: Include the traveler’s name and AggieTravel Traveler ID. If someone other than the traveler will call BCD to book the reservation, include that person’s name as well.

The traveler contacts the agency Monday - Friday 7:00am-5:30pm PT and provides the AggieTravel Traveler ID and the authorizing travel delegate's name.

The agent verifies the Traveler ID and delegate name provided by the caller against the information in the e-mail from the travel delegate and books the trip using the UCD agent references.

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