Travel & Entertainment

Expense Reports

In the AggieTravel System, create a Travel, Entertainment, or Relocation expense report to reconcile expenses, including Travel & Entertainment Card, out-of-pocket, and cash advance expenses.

To request reimbursement for your non-travel related University expenses that you purchased with personal funds, please use the KFS Disbursement Voucher document.

Report Types

1. Travel - Less than 30 Days

CONUS travel lasting less than 30 days

2. Travel - 30 Days or More

CONUS travel lasting 30 days or more

3. Travel - Foreign

OCONUS travel

4. Travel - Group

CONUS or OCONUS travel with a designated group leader paying for expenses

5. Entertainment - Business

Business Meetings, Donor Relations, Programmatic Activities, On-the-Job Meals

6. Entertainment - Morale

Team building events, retirement events (at least 5 years of service), employee farewell events (at least 5 years of service)

7. Entertainment - Recruitment

Prospective student athletes and student scholars, prospective faculty and other specialized positions

8. Moving/Relocation

Reimbursement of moving or relocation expenses as per policy

CONUS = Continental United States | OCONUS = Outside the continental United States

Taxation of Late Reports

Effective July 1, 2017, expense reports not submitted within 1 year of the reported trip/event end date, and cash advances not reconciled within 120 days of the reported trip/event end date will still be reimbursed, but will also be imputed as income through PPS for employees. 

This means the traveler will pay income tax on the amount reimbursed because the report was submitted beyond the time frame allowable by policy.

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