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Creating an Expense Report

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An expense report is created by completing the Report Header page.

There are several ways to create a new expense report within AggieTravel. One way is to use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your AggieTravel home page. Hover your mouse over the New button and select Start a Report.

Report Header

On the Report Header page, use the Event/Trip Type dropdown and select the appropriate report type. See Report Types for an explanation of the reporting options.

Event/Trip Name: Name your expense report for tracking and reporting purposes.

Event/Trip Purpose: Select a reason for your event/trip.

The Business Purpose of a University traveler may include activities that contribute to any one of the University’s major functions of teaching, research, patient care, or public service, or to any other substantial and bona fide University business activity. Click for examples.

Select whether or not Spouse expenses are included.

Enter the full Email address for the report preparer. If approvers have questions about a report, this is who they will ask.

Select a Reimbursement Method.

Enter any necessary additional Comments.

Enter any Related Report numbers into the field provided. If there are more than three related reports, use the comments section.

Report-Specific Fields

Entertainment Approval Type

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Travel report types require the start and end times of the trip. This is the time you left your homebase, either work or home. For clarification on which to choose, please see UCOP Travel Policy G-28.

Entertainment report types have two specific requirements:
1. The Host Name must be entered on the report header
The Approval Type must be changed to Entertainment (Click on the image to expand)

Moving/Relocation reports require the appropriate policy be selected. See Relocation for more information.

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