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Attendee groups - send a copy to another user

You can send a copy of one or more of your groups to another user. The group then appears immediately on the recipient's Attendee Groups tab; all individual attendees in the group also appear on the recipient's Attendees and Favorites tabs.

Send a copy

To send a copy to another user:

  1. Click Profile → Profile Settings → Favorite Attendees (in the Expense Settings section of the left-side menu).
  2. Click the Attendee Groups tab.
  3. Select one or more groups.
  4. Click Send Copy. The Send a copy of the selected group(s) window appears.
  5. Find the desired recipient. NOTE: You can send to one recipient at a time.
  6. Click Send.

Note the following:

  • Remember - you sent a copy. Any modifications that you make to your group will not affect the recipient; any modifications that the recipient makes to his/her copy will not affect your group.
  • Since the group names do not have to be unique, you cannot overwrite or otherwise destroy data in the recipient's group list.
  • If the recipient does not have access to an attendee type, any attendees of that type will not be included in their copy of the group.

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