Risk Management

Authority and Responsibility

Major responsibilities that cannot be delegated:

  • Understand departmental areas of risk and liability to the University and take appropriate action to minimize and mitigate those areas of risk/liability.

  • Support decision making process that incorporates and promotes safety and accident prevention on an enterprise basis.

  • Establish incident review process that recognizes both formal claims presented against the department as well as utilizes ‘near miss’ incidents as learning tools to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.

  • Responsible for ensuring timely incident and claim reporting process to Risk Management.

  • Support the coordination and timely participation of department representatives with Risk Management, defense counsel and Sedgwick for both the investigation and ongoing defense of claims.

Roles of Administrative Officials

  • Report all losses in a timely manner.

  • Immediately investigate all incidents and coordinate the handling of those incidents with the Risk Management Department.

  • Set organizational expectations to promote and sustain a safety based decision making culture.

  • Hold employees accountable for supporting ongoing safe operations to reduce overall University liabilities.

You can find resources on what an Administrative Official can delegate on the Delegations page.  Learn more about areas of potential risk and visit the Resources page for additional information.

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