Occupational Health Services

Authority and Responsibility

Major responsibilities that cannot be delegated:

  • Occupational Health will set standards for medical care, preventive services and ongoing medical surveillance.
  • Medical providers follow the Campus Modified Duty – Return to Work policy.
  • Occupational Health provides medical care for injured workers, unless prior delegation of this authority has been determined.
  • Occupational Health sets standards of medical care for the campus prevention program.
  • Occupational Health maintains medical records in accordance to state and federal policies.
  • Occupational Health administers the UC WorkStrong program.

Roles of Administrative Officials

  • Maintaining HIPAA Compliance in the release and handling of medical records.

  • Compliance with reporting requirements to the Department of Transportation.

  • Solicit advice from Occupational Health before introducing a potential new health hazard to campus.

You can find resources on what an Administrative Official can delegate on the Delegations page. Learn more about areas of potential risk and visit the Resources page for additional information.

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