Environment, Health & Safety

Authority and Responsibility

Major responsibilities that cannot be delegated:

  • Accountability for ensuring that faculty, employees, students, patients and visitors have the benefit of a safe and healthy environment.
  • Administrative Officials are encouraged to:
    • Develop and promote safety, health and environmental awareness as positive values in their organization.
    • Encourage employees and students to recognize and report hazardous conditions.
    • Support corrective actions as recommended or required by Safety Services

You can find resources on what an Administrative Official can delegate on the Delegations page.  Learn more about areas of potential risk and visit the Resources page for additional information.

Roles of Administrative Officials

  • Safety Services review and approval is required for all remodels and construction plans prior to commencing work.

  • Vacated space, including areas from laboratory relocation, must meet Safety Services clearance requirements prior to entry of construction personnel and/or future occupancy.

  • Granting agencies may stipulate specific safety requirements that must be followed.

  • Contact Safety Services when any outside regulatory official requests entry to the workplace for an inspection or review.

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