Environment, Health & Safety


Major responsibilities that can be delegated:

  • Establishing and Supporting:Designating a departmental safety coordinator and departmental safety committee to carry out department health and safety responsibilities.
    • The departmental Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and documentation of compliance with the campus IIPP program.
    •  Programs to educate and train personnel regarding UC Davis health and safety policies and procedures, identification and elimination of hazardous conditions, record keeping, and ethical responsibilities.
    • Programs to ensure that all research is conducted in accordance with UC Davis Laboratory Safety Guidelines (including completion of laboratory safety plans, department injury and illness prevention plans, emergency action plans, and approval for use of radiation and hazardous biological materials).
    • Documentation of employee safety training (from any source, including formal presentations or one-to-one meetings/discussions) and maintaining this documentation in a readily available manner.
  • Developing and maintaining departmental emergency action plans that address procedures to be followed by personnel in case of fire, earthquake, major chemical spill, or other emergencies. Designating key emergency personnel and assuring emergency action plans are integrated into departmental training.
  • Reporting to Safety Services, as soon as possible after the occurrence, all accidents or “near misses” which result in injury and/or loss or destruction of property. Keeping records on employee injuries, incident reports, and grievances involving safety matters and loss or destruction of property. Ensuring that employees properly report injuries within 24 hours of the injuries.
  • Reporting any fire or fire/life safety hazard to the Fire Department and Safety Services as soon as possible.
  • Developing, maintaining and reviewing Safety Services programs for department laboratories, shops, studios, etc. in accordance with UC Davis policy and procedures as well as any applicable regulations (see Resources).
  • Following established procedural guidelines from Safety Services to assure that all staff are trained in handling hazardous waste and that all hazardous waste is properly stored, labeled, and picked up by Integrated Hazardous Waste.

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