Emergency Management and Mission Continuity

Areas of Potential Risk

  • A vulnerability assessment of risks from natural, technological, human and terrorist hazards is conducted at regular intervals. These hazards have the potential to cause harm to all elements of the campus and/or disrupt normal business operations.
  • Departments can mitigate some of their exposure to these risks by ensuring emergency and business continuity plans are in place and that all employees are aware of their part in those plans.
  • The Administrative Official should work with campus resources to develop and implement these plans.
  • Plans must consider continuation of business functions even during times of budgetary constraints, strikes, retirement of key employees or high employee absenteeism.
  • The Administrative Official must be prepared to utilize campus resources (i.e., counseling services) as well as department resources (i.e.: alternate location of services to locations under department’s control) to deal with the aftermath of emergencies.

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