Construction & Use of Space

Authority and Responsibility

Major responsibilities that cannot be delegated:

  • Ensuring that construction and alteration of space furthers the university mission of teaching, research, and public service.
  • Oversight and review of the different phases of construction to include the project concept and request phase, the feasibility study design phase, the capital budget approval phase, the design development phase, the contract document phase, the bid phase, the construction phase, and the project closeout phase.
  • Approval of proposed fund expenditures and review of actual transactions. A thorough review is necessary, as billing continues until closeout of projects, which might be up to a year after actual construction is finished.
  • Appropriate staffing of plans and proposals, to include coordination of space issues with the Office of Resource Management and Planning. Administrative Officials have the responsibility and discretion to assign space as they deem appropriate to maximize the department's effectiveness, and should make such assignments after appropriate departmental consultation (e.g., the unit space committee.)

You can find resources on what an Administrative Official can delegate on the Delegations page.

Alteration of Space

Any proposed alteration of campus space must be accomplished using the campus services available from Facilities Management or Design & Construction Management to ensure that work complies with all applicable policies and codes. The Campus Care Index was designed to help people find their way through the many campus services related to building maintenance and construction. The web-site provides step-by-step instructions for simple projects to major capital projects.

Learn more about areas of potential risk and visit the Resources page for additional information.

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