Academic & Research Affairs

Authority and Responsibility

Administrative Officials cannot delegate the following responsibilities:

  • Accountability for the academic or administrative leadership of the department.
  • Reviewing matters such as space allocation and employee health and safety programs as they relate to research issues such as biohazard, fire and life safety, chemical hazards, and radiation safety. The Administrative Official is responsible for assuring compliance with campus environmental and safety policies, and that laboratory spaces are free of contamination and cleared of hazardous materials following lab relocations.
  • Oversight responsibility for the departmental review process.
  • Conducting of annual performance reviews of all academic appointees.
  • Consulting of faculty on academic personnel actions and programmatic issues.

Staff may be responsible for implementing the Administrative Official’s decisions and for reviewing departmental compliance with university policies and procedures, but cannot be responsible for academic or other substantive decisions for which the Administrative Official is accountable.

You can find resources on what an administrative official can delegate on the Academic Affairs and the Research Affairs pages.  Learn more about areas of potential risk and visit the Resources page for additional information.

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