Reporting Expenses


Travel expenses, along with all necessary backup documentation, must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 45 days of the completion of the trip. The only two exceptions to the 45 day rule are:

  • Recurrent local travel may be submitted monthly
  • Trips exceeding 90 days may be submitted quarterly

The AggieTravel system is used for all travel and entertainment expenses, unless payment must be made directly to a vendor that does not accept credit cards. Typically, payments to a vendor are paid using the Travel & Entertainment Visa Card. If the vendor does not accept credit cards, payment is submitted using a KFS Disbursement Voucher (DV) with payment reason code Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) or Entertainment Expense Voucher (EEV). Attach the corresponding PDF TEV or EEV to the DV document. Forms are available on the Travel & Entertainment Forms page.

UC Davis employees can prepare and submit their own AggieTravel reports or they may assign a delegate who can prepare reports on their behalf. All UC Davis employees must submit their own reports. 

AggieTravel reports for non-employees must be prepared and submitted by a delegate and must include a completed Non-Employee Certification form

When requesting reimbursement for lodging and meals (M&IE) incurred outside of the continental United States, you may request reimbursement for the actual costs or you may claim a daily travel allowance (per diem). Receipts are not required when claiming per diem, however, if a Travel Allowance Itinerary is not included in the AggieTravel expense report, a copy of the per diem rates by location must be submitted with the report. 

AggieTravel reports submitted beyond 45 days of the trip end date will display a reminder about the 45 day policy, however, the report will still route for approval.


Preparing Reports

Report Types

Choose the correct Event/Trip Type as this determines the required fields and business rules. Visit Expense Reports for more information.

Reimbursement Method

When indicating the Reimbursement Method, consider the following:

1. Direct Deposit/Paper Check: The employee must have previously enrolled in Direct Deposit for reimbursements (in addition to payroll direct deposit). Otherwise the employee will receive a paper check at their address that appears in KFS.
2. Mail to Department: The check will be mailed to the recipient's home department code. This applies to both employees and non-employees.
3. Mail to Address in Profile: The AggieTravel profile Expense Information screen must be complete.
4. Bank Draft/Wire Transfer: More information is available here.

Claiming Per Diem

When claiming per diem, and you want AggieTravel to calculate the rate, a Travel Allowance Itinerary must be created and added to the expense report. The Travel Allowance Itinerary identifies the cities visited during the trip. The AggieTravel system calculates the daily allowance rates for lodging as well as for meals and incidentals. For a demonstration on creating a Travel Allowance Itinerary and for attaching an itinerary to a report, view our tutorials.

You may use the Per Diem Meals and Per Diem Lodging expense types found in AggieTravel in lieu of creating a Travel Allowance Itinerary. Please note, if you choose this option, you will need to attach a PDF of the rates used. You can find the rates here.

How Per Diem Rates Are Determined

The system uses the Department of State's per diem rates. If the city visited has a rate listed in the table, the system uses that rate. If the city visited does not exist in the table the rate for "Other" is used.

When travel is greater than 30 days, the traveler is reimbursed 55% of per diem.


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