CONUS (within the continental United States) travel is limited to actual lodging expenses for trips less than 30 days. OCONUS (outside the continental United States) travel allows per diem for all foreign travel and domestic travel exceeding 30 days.


Actual Lodging Expenses

Actual lodging expenses may be claimed, up to the per diem amount, with required receipts. When staying at a friend or relative's house, the traveler may compensate the host with a non-cash gift, up to $75 per trip. Receipts for host gifts exceeding $25 are required.


Per Diem Lodging

Per diem is authorized for all OCONUS travel and CONUS travel assignments exceeding 30 days. UC Davis adheres to the U.S. Department of State's per diem allowances. The rates listed on the federal per diem tables are the maximum that can be authorized for lodging. Receipts are not required when claiming per diem.


Hotel Reservations

If you need lodging for a department-hosted conference or meeting, review the Hosting a Conference page for information and instructions. Lodging reservations should be made through AggieTravel, which has the University agreement terms and conditions built in. When using AggieTravel, you can pay with your US Bank Travel & Entertainment Card or with a personal credit card.


Processing Lodging Payments

The payment procedure depends on how the reservation was secured.

Reservation Method
Payment Method

US Bank Travel & Entertainment card

Submit an AggieTravel expense report. Accounts Payable pays the T&E Card 

Out of Pocket

After the trip, submit an AggieTravel expense report requesting reimbursement for lodging


If the traveler does not obtain an active T&E Card, a KFS DV TEV may be processed to pay the vendor directly. Submit an AggieTravel expense report and include the KFS Document number in the AggieTravel report header.


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