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Per travel policy G-28, one traveler should not pay the expenses of another traveler unless they have been designated as a group leader and will pay all of the group's travel expenses.

Group Leader Authorization is to be determined at the department head level and will be in charge of a group that will travel, with the authority to pay another person's travel expenses. Examples include field trips, retreats, and athletic contests.

The only documentation needed as evidence of this authorization is the grantor's approval of the expense report; that approval can stay on file in the department.

Note: Group Leader Authorization is not granted simply for the convenience of submitting one travel voucher for multiple travelers. There must be a valid reason why one person must pay the expenses of a group.


Before the Trip

When making airfare arrangements, inform the travel agency that all of the airfare should be charged to the group leader's traveler ID; this will import into the group leader's AggieTravel queue. Use the Group Leader's US Bank Visa Travel & Entertainment Card or the CTS payment option for all of the airfare.


Preparing the Report

In AggieTravel, use Event/Trip Type: 4. Travel - Group.

When entering the expenses, use expense types that are specific to group travel (e.g., Group Lodging, Group Meals, Group Airfare, etc.)

Provide the names, etc. of the group members by either listing them in the Attendees section of the expense entry, or by including a list with the supporting documents. See Attach a List for more info.


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