Connexxus is an online travel booking portal developed for UC travelers to plan and book their travel. Connexxus offers Central Travel System (CTS) for direct billing,reducing out of pocket expenses and providing convenient, flexible options for making reservations online or through a full service travel agent. Connexxus also allows UC to capture all UC travel expenditures and provides discount rates for airfare, hotel accommodations and car rentals.

Connexxus is accessed through the Company Notes section of AggieTravel.

US Bank Travel & Entertainment Card (Travel card) and CTS transactions for travel services booked through agencies found within Connexxus import directly into AggieTravel for post trip reporting.

Benefits of Using Connexxus

Connexxus has UC policies and economical costs built into its portal. The one-stop-shop portal provides the following benefits:

  • Rental car rates reduced by up to 15% via prior agreements with Hertz and National
  • No out-of-pocket airfare costs
  • Hotel discounts of 12% to 25% off the best rates otherwise available with Marriott and Starwood
  • Air travel discounts apply to Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue, Virgin, American Airlines and associated international carriers
  • Lower agency fees than traditional travel agencies
  • Weekly billing files, sent directly to Accounting, containing the reservation codes to ensure itinerary expenses match imported expenses in AggieTravel
  • Automated, mandatory, Travel Insurance form when booking airfare through BCD (see below)
  • Full service agency assistance for cancelled tickets


Reservations Through Connexxus 

The following guides and demonstrations explain how to make reservations.

When non-employees make their own reservations using Connexxus agencies, additional steps are involved (see procedures below for BCD).

BCD Travel

The Travel Arranger provides the non-employee traveler with their AggieTravel Traveler ID and the contact information for BCD's full service agents (877-885-8632 option 3). If a traveler ID hasn't yet been created, it can be done with the Non-Employee Traveler Setup.

The Travel Arranger then sends an e-mail authorization to BCD:, informing the agency that the non-employee traveler will contact them directly.

Format the email authorization as follows:

Subject line: “UCD Arranger Authorization for Guest Last Name / First Name”

Email body: Include the traveler’s name and AggieTravel Traveler ID. If someone other than the traveler will call BCD to book the reservation, include that person’s name as well.

The traveler contacts the agency Monday - Friday 7:00am-5:00pm PT and provides the AggieTravel Traveler ID and the authorizing travel arranger's name.

The agent verifies the Traveler ID and arranger name provided by the caller against the information in the e-mail from the travel arranger and books the trip using the UCD agent references.


Non-Employee Traveler Reservations

A Non-Employee Traveler is an individual not in the UCD payroll system, who must be reimbursed for travel or entertainment expenses.

Only UCD employees can set up a non-employee traveler in the AggieTravel system. Non-employee travelers should be created by a delegate whose home department is the same as the department funding the travel so that the default department head approval routing is correct.


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