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Attending a Conference


Certain factors are used to indicate whether a conference transaction should be paid by the Travel card and reconciled in AggieTravel, paid with a Purchasing card, or processed in KFS.

If attending a conference will result in expenses besides a conference registration fee (e.g., lodging, meals, etc.) then the conference is reported in AggieTravel.

If the University is hosting the conference, the procedure for processing conference expenses is different. See Hosting a Conference for details.

Paying Registration Fees

UC Davis Travel Visa Card

If the traveler has an active Travel card, it must be used to pay registration fees and all travel expenses.

If the Travel card bill is due prior to reconciling the trip, create a travel expense report in AggieTravel.

Pre-Trip Payment

If the traveler does not have a Travel card they should apply for one. If there is not enough time to get a card delivered, another cardholder is allowed to pay for the conference/registration on their behalf. And lastly, if the vendor does not accept credit cards, the Disbursement Voucher is still available for direct vendor payments. Also see Advance Payments.

Intercampus Registration Payments

If registration is being paid to another UC campus or to the UC Office of the President, it must be processed as an intercampus transfer. For more on processing an intercampus transfer, see the IOC instructions.

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