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Airfare transportation expenses include plane tickets, taxes, fees (e.g., baggage), and all other airfare charges essential to the purpose of official University travel. Trip insurance, unless a mandatory charge by the airline or University-affiliated travel agency, is NOT reimbursable. The G-28 Travel Policy states the most economical mode of transportation should be reimbursed. There are only 4 allowable airfare upgrade exceptions noted in Travel Policy G-28. Out of pocket airline expenses will not be reimbursed prior to travel. Utilize the CTS payment option by arranging travel through AggieTravel.

Itemized receipts are required for all air travel expenses regardless of amount and must show the traveler's name, departure and arrival dates & times, trip location, amount paid, payment method and class of service.

CTS is a program that allows your department to charge airfare, for anyone traveling on behalf of the University, to a central account to eliminate out of pocket airline expenses. CTS reservations should be made through AggieTravel

Employees with a T&E Card can make reservations through any airline or agency as long as the most economical ticket is purchased. All CTS airfare charges must be reconciled in AggieTravel within 45 days of the trip end date. To purchase tickets using AggieTravel for non-employee travelers, a non-employee profile and a traveler ID is required (see Non-Employee Travelers for details).

Airline Reservations with CTS

The Central Travel System (CTS) is a direct bill program available to UCD travelers. Travelers using the CTS billing option need a valid 4-character Connexxus billing ID input in their Expense Information screen in their AggieTravel Profile. 

Using AggieTravel, you can access BCD Travel Agency. This is recommended for making airline reservations. You can also access Connexxus through AggieTravel to make travel reservations for employees and for non-employees. (The reservations can be billed to CTS, paid by a T&E Card, or by personal credit card.) Procedures for purchasing non-employees airfare are available below. You can search for both refundable & non-refundable fares in AggieTravel and with other participating travel agencies available through Connexxus.

When making flight arrangements through Connexxus for non-employee travelers, set up a non-employee profile first.

Non-Employee Air Travel

If you are arranging CTS airfare for a non-employee who does not have a AggieTravel Traveler ID, create one from the Non-Employee Application link in your AggieTravel Company Notes section.

Non-Employee Airline Reservations

Learn How to Add a Travel Arranger

Learn How to Add a Travel Arranger

Non-Employee travelers may contact BCD Travel, directly, to make flight arrangements. To do this, the hosting department's travel arranger provides the non-employee traveler with their MyTravel Travel ID and the contact information for BCD's full service agents (877-885-8632 option 3).

The Travel Arranger sends an e-mail authorization to 

Subject: UCD Arranger Authorization for "Guest Last Name/First Name"

In the body of the e-mail include the traveler’s name and Travel ID and inform BCD that the non-employee traveler will contact them directly. If someone other than the traveler will call BCD to book the reservation, include that person’s name.

The traveler may contact BCD Travel Monday - Friday 7:00am-5:30pm PT and provide their Travel ID and the authorizing travel arranger's name. The agent will verify the Travel ID and arranger name provided by the caller against the information in the e-mail from the travel arranger and will book the trip using the UCD agent references.

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