Purchasing Airfare

  • Always use AggieTravel when possible
    • Use the CTS payment option, your UC Travel Visa card, or your personal credit card to purchase
  • All guest airfare should be purchased through AggieTravel and direct billed to the CTS card
    • Always use a valid non-employee ID and billing ID when booking
  • All trips must be registered (UC Away or buy through AggieTravel)
  • Business or First Class airfare always requires an exception to policy and only permitted in the following circumstances:
    • Lowest cost
    • Medical
    • Circuitous routing
    • Red eye flights with required work upon arrival
    • See the Airfare Exception form for more details
  • Trip cancelation insurance should only be purchased if non-refundable airfare is significantly less expensive and there is a high likelihood of the trip being canceled.
  • Refundable airfare is allowed, but the most economical airfare should be selected in most cases
  • Fly direct when possible
  • Paid receipts are required for all airfare and must show amount paid, dates, locations, and class of service
  • Points and mile redemptions are not reimbursable
  • Package airfare, lodging, and/or car rental deals are not permitted
  • All airfare should be reconciled through AggieTravel within 45 days of the trip’s end date
    • If using the CTS payment option, airfare can be reconciled in advance of the trip
  • Chartered flights require pre-approval from the Chancellor
  • Private aircraft operated by UC employees (or family) require pre-approval from the Chancellor
  • Exceptions or questions should be directed to – include report name, key, traveler name, and detailed explanation of question or request.

Non-Employee Airline Reservations

Non-Employee travelers may contact BCD Travel, directly, to make flight arrangements. To do this, the hosting department's travel arranger provides the non-employee traveler with their AggieTravel Traveler ID and the contact information for BCD's full service agents (877-885-8632 option 3).

The Travel Arranger sends an e-mail authorization to 

Subject: UCD Arranger Authorization for "Guest Last Name/First Name"

In the body of the e-mail include the traveler’s name and Traveler ID and inform BCD that the non-employee traveler will contact them directly. If someone other than the traveler will call BCD to book the reservation, include that person’s name.

The traveler may contact BCD Travel Monday - Friday 7:00am-5:30pm PT and provide their Traveler ID and the authorizing travel arranger's name. The agent will verify the Traveler ID and arranger name provided by the caller against the information in the e-mail from the travel arranger and will book the trip using the UCD agent references.

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