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Travel advances are travel related payments made before a trip begins. Travel advance payments can be requested for both employees and non-employees either as payments to vendors or cash.

Cash advances can be requested for UC travelers, who are not eligible for a Travel Card, either as payments to vendors or cash. Cash advances are granted in limited situations for certain expenses when no other method of payment is possible.

Requests for travel cash advances are initiated in AggieTravel on a Request.

UC Davis programs to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for University business travelers are:

  • UC Davis Travel Visa Card - used to charge travel advances and travel expenses
  • Central Travel System (CTS) - for airfare purchases through AggieTravel & local lodging expenses.
  • Pre-Trip Payment to vendor for deposits or lodging expenses

Departments and travelers are strongly encouraged to use these programs to reduce departmental and administrative costs associated with administering cash advances.


Requesting Advance Payments

Cash Advance

Initiate a Request in AggieTravel. Indicate how the advance will be used on the expenses tab, and allocate the expenses. Attach any back up documentation to the Request. 

Requests without complete backup will be returned to the user. 

Cash advance requests will be denied when another payment option is available (CTS, Travel Card, or Pre-Trip Vendor Payment).

Vendor Prepayment

Process a KFS Disbursement Voucher (DV) document using payment reason code TEV. Include the completed Travel Expense Voucher with the DV document.



Use Decision Support report 417 to view outstanding cash advances.

Travelers who have an unreconciled cash advance will receive a prompt to reconcile the outstanding advance when processing any report in AggieTravel

The traveler must account for the total amount of all expenses incurred, and must repay the overage back to the University. If cash was withdrawn from the Travel Card, and not utilized, U.S. Bank must be paid directly.

Please note: Failure to reconcile any unused cash advance amounts within 120 days after completion of the trip will result in the University reporting such amounts as income which is taxable per UC Policy G-28.

Instructions to clear a cash advance or return a portion are available on the AggieTravel website.


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