Cash Advances

Cash advances are travel related payments made before a trip begins.

  • UC Employees can take a cash withdrawal using their UC Davis Travel Visa card
    • This can be reconciled in advance of the trip, to ensure the card is paid off on time
    • If an employee needs an advance and does not have a Travel card, they should apply for one
    • Unused cash withdrawals should be paid to US Bank by the cardholder
  • Cash advances for Non-employee and students can be processed using the AggieTravel Request document
  • Cash advances are only issued within 30 days of the trip start date
  • Cash advances require an explanation of the need. Typical reasons include:
      • Guest paid their conference registration in advance of the trip
      • Guest paid hotel lodging deposit
      • Cash required for daily meals/lodging for visiting scholars or students
  • Cash advances are not permitted for the reimbursement of airfare purchased outside of AggieTravel. Such payments may be reimbursed after the trip is completed.
  • Cash advances must be reconciled through AggieTravel within 45 days of the trip’s end date
  • Any funds remaining after the trip must be returned immediately to the UC, by issuing a check to the UC Regents and processing a Cash Receipt document.
      • Cash should be returned to the following account: 3-1121500, using the traveler ID as the Project Code
  • Cash advances not reconciled within 120 days of the trip’s end date will be reported as taxable income to the traveler
  • Outstanding cash advances can be reviewed by the department using Decision Support, DS417

Vendor Pre-Payments

Vendor pre-payments are payments made directly to the vendor through the KFS system before the trip. These typically include lodging or other trip deposits.

  • Should only be processed through KFS when the vendor does not accept Visa
  • Requires that the payee be setup in KFS as a vendor, which includes submission of a W9
  • Process payment using the DV document with the “TEV” payment reason code
  • Attachments required in KFS include:
    • signed TEV form, which includes the department approvers signature
    • vendor invoice

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