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Frequently Asked Questions: Travel Card

Who can get a UC Davis Travel Visa card?

Any UCD employee can apply for a Travel card.

Is my personal credit a factor in getting or keeping a Travel card?

The Travel card is a contingent liability card. The UC will be responsible for paying expenses against approved AggieTravel expense reports. The employee is responsible for paying personal and non-reimbursable expenses directly to US Bank. In either case, it is the employee's responsibility to review statements, ensure that charges are legitimate, and that payments are processed in time to avoid late fees by submitting AggieTravel reports in a timely manner. 

Is there a daily limit on cash advances on the Travel card?

Yes. The cash advance limit is generally 20% of the card limit. Please note: some ATM's may have a daily limit that is lower than the card's cash advance limit. If the traveler will require a larger amount of cash for business, contact the Travel Help Desk for assistance.

I received a cash advance but didn't use it all. What should I do?

Complete an AggieTravel expense report following the procedures here.

If I change campus departments, do I need to apply for a new Travel card?

No; you keep your existing card, however, you’ll need approval from your new department MSO to confirm the business need for the card, and you'll need to contact the Travel Help Desk to indicate a new department account number. 

How do I change the mailing address for my Travel card?

Contact US Bank via AccessOnline or the contact # on the back of the card.

If a Travel card bill is due before the trip, how do I pay it?

AggieTravel → Select the appropriate report type and enter the future travel dates.

You will only be able to add UC Davis Travel Visa card charges. When the report is approved, the bank will be paid.

I was issued a replacement Travel card because mine was lost or stolen. How does this impact AggieTravel?

When you receive a replacement UC Davis Travel Visa card, expenses will not import into AggieTravel until the replacement card is added by the Travel Help Desk.

Provide the Travel Help Desk with the cardholder's name and the last four digits of the replacement Travel card to ensure expenses import correctly.

If a Travel card transaction is for both travel and entertainment, how do I handle this in AggieTravel?

Create a travel expense report and itemize the expenses to separate the entertainment from the travel. Use the appropriate expense type for the entertainment and include a list of attendees. In addition, if your department head entertainment approver is different from the travel approver, ad hoc route the report for approval.

What happens if I used my Travel card instead of my Purchasing Card?

Please submit an exception request to explaining why the error occurred and what steps will be taken to ensure it does not happen again.

What happens if I used my Purchasing Card instead of my Travel card?

The Purchasing Card payment is already made and cannot be undone. When the Kuali Procurement Card Document (PCDO) is received, add a note explaining it should have been on the Travel card instead. Change the object code to the appropriate travel/entertainment object code for the transaction. You may also change the account or other parts of the accounting line.

Create an AggieTravel report for the remaining travel charges. Add a comment specifying the charge that was paid using the Purchasing Card. Please cite the PCDO document number.

How do I cancel a Travel card?

UC Davis Travel Visa cards can be canceled by completing the Travel Help request form or by contacting US Bank directly.

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