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Cash Advances

Cash Advances are available using your Travel card just like an ATM card at a bank. There is a 2.5% or $2 minimum/$10 maximum fee for each cash advance. The cash advance limit is generally 20% of the card limit. To obtain your card limit or if you need your cash advance limit increased, contact the Travel Help Desk. Most banks will provide larger cash advances if you go inside the bank, rather than use the ATM machines.

Be sure to save your PIN number from when you originally received the card. If you lost your PIN, contact US Bank at the number printed on the back of the card to request a new PIN.

Cash Advances will load into AggieTravel just like other card transactions, and can be reconciled on a Travel or Entertainment report. If a portion of your advance is unused at the end of the trip or event, you should reconcile the remaining amount as a Personal/Non-Reimbursable expense and then remit payment to US Bank directly for that amount. 

The cardholder is ultimately responsible for ensuring that card balance is kept current, as they must pay late fees themselves. Personal credit is only affected if a balance is past due for over 180 days, or 6 billing cycles.

Pre-Trip Payments

If paying for a travel or entertainment expense in advance of the trip or event, you should use your Travel card if the vendor accepts credit cards.

The payment transactions will import into AggieTravel under Available Expenses. Process any imported expenses prior to your trip/event by entering the actual (future) trip dates into the report header, to ensure payment is made to US Bank.

Pre-Trip Payments can be requested for UC travelers, who are not eligible for a Travel Card, either as payments to vendors or cash. Cash advances are granted in limited situations for certain expenses when no other method of payment is possible.

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