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The vendors listed below have pre-negotiated pricing contracts with the University. Use the contact information provided to obtain a quote for your particular moving needs.

Note: When contacting the moving services, you must mention the University contract in order to secure the University rate and any applicable discounts.

Moving Service

Contact Information

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northamerican vanlines

Authorized agent for all locations: 

Alex Moving & Storage 

2610 South Birch Street 

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone: (800) 231-4765

Office: (714) 357-8757

Fax: (775) 416-2186

University of California Representative:

Frank Burke


Contract Number: UCIMP-0195

olsen fielding

Olsen & Fielding is the authorized agent for Mayflower. 

6350 Sky Creek Drive, Suite 600 

Sacramento, CA 95828

Phone: (800) 992-7844 x303 

Fax: (916) 383-2362

University of California Representative: 

Reid Olsen


Contract Number: UCIMP-0200

united vanlines

Authorized agent for UC Davis:

Chipman Relocations

1620 National Drive

Sacramento, CA 95834-1962

Phone: (800) 334-9905

Fax: (916) 928-9787

University of California Representative:

Linda Chipman (916) 563-7476

Contract Number: UCIMP-0289

Customs Brokerage/International Freight

Moving Service

Contact Information

Additional Details

steveb global

Stevens Global Logistics

3700 Redondo Beach Avenue

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Phone: 800-229-7284

Office: 310-665-8534

Fax: 310-727-9948

University of California Representative:

Allen Morrison


UC Designated Email:

Contract Number: UCIMP-0263

Note: Stevens Global “clears” goods through customs when the University is either purchasing or sending goods internationally. Stevens Global prepares the documents to obtain clearance from government agencies (i.e., FDA, Department of Ag). They also make arrangements for local delivery once the goods enter the country.

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