Moving & Relocations


Eligibility is based on many factors. Please contact your department to determine your eligibility for relocation reimbursement.


House Hunting

Expenses related to a pre-move trip to the new location in order to find permanent housing. All expenses will be reported as taxable income.


Expenses related to the moving your primary residence to the new location. Includes packing, shipping, and transportation costs.

Relocation Allowance

Funds provided as part of a hiring agreement. These monies are not reimbursed through AggieTravel- they are processed through Payroll.

Temporary Lodging

Expenses for living in the new location while waiting on permanent housing. Limited to 30 days in most cases.

*Not all of the above will be reimbursable in all cases. Please confirm with your department what expenses are allowed in your case, if any.

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