Moving & Relocations


Employees may be eligible for reimbursement of moving or relocation expenses. Eligibility is contingent on PPS title code, length of employment, and department discretion.

Moving expenses may be taxable according to IRS guidelines. After reading the definitions below, be sure to check policy for more details when considering whether to pay for moving or relocation expenses.

Additional terms include House Hunting, Sign-on Bonus, and Temporary Living Expenses (each defined in the online glossary)

Reimbursement and Payment of Relocation Expenses

To reimburse the traveler for relocation expenses, use AggieTravel.

To pay an invoice to a vendor on behalf of a relocation, e.g. payment made directly to the moving company, process the payment through KFS using the DV document and the TEV payment reason code

Use the Relocation TEV document found on the Travel & Entertainment Forms page.


Before authorizing any staff household or library relocation, review the Moving and Removal staff policies.


If you have questions pertaining to moves or relocations, contact:

UC Davis Campus UC Davis Health Systems

(530) 757-8888

(916) 734-9090

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