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Frequently Asked Questions: Connexxus

What is CTS?

The Central Travel System (CTS) is a direct bill airfare program available to all UCD business travelers.

A department billing ID must be entered into the AggieTravel Profile Expense Information screen to use the CTS account. 

What should I do the first time I access Connexxus?

Complete the required fields on the Connexxus profile page. If others will make your travel arrangements, add them as travel arrangers. And, if you have loyalty memberships, complete those fields in your profile, and any time travel is booked, loyalty points accumulate, even with the CTS payment.

My e-mail address in Connexxus is incorrect. How do I fix it?

The e-mail address in Connexxus is your Kerberos user and cannot be modified. You can add your campus email address in your AggieTravel Profile Personal Information screen. 

How do we obtain duplicate itineraries after travel has occurred for travel reporting processes?

The AggieTravel trip library will hold all previous trips that were billed to the CTS account, for employee travelers.

Can personal travel be booked through AggieTravel?

Yes, please book personal travel during your own time and make sure to use your personal credit card. CTS is blocked for personal use and Travel cards are not allowed for personal use.

How are airline loyalty points accumulated and redeemed?

Anytime transactions are booked in AggieTravel, loyalty points are accumulated, regardless of the payment type.  Loyalty points can be redeemed directly through the airline.

If a credit is at the agency, is it tied to only that traveler or could it be used for another traveler within the department?

In most cases, airline tickets are non-transferable. However, because of UC's relationship with some airlines, the airline will allow name changes on restrictive tickets less penalty fees, etc. The request needs to be made through BCD Travel.

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