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Property Tax Exemptions

The University must report all long term (6 months or more) leases, rentals, and loans. Each February, Tax Reporting & Compliance files property tax exemption or refund claims with various counties for leased, rented, or loaned items. Examples include water coolers, copiers, and cylinders. By filing property tax claims, the University may receive refunds, which it then passes on the departments that have the leased, rented or loaned items. If property tax claims aren’t filed, the university may be liable for property tax plus late penalties which are passed on to the department.

In order to assist Tax Reporting & Compliance with this process, please continue to report any changes to the lease, rental, or loan period, or if the item is returned, on the Equipment Loan Agreement Modification form. Similarly, please continue to communicate any new leases, rentals, and loans to Tax Reporting & Compliance in a timely manner on the Equipment Loan Agreement form. These forms are available on the Contracting Services Forms website. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Fenton at 530-754-5936, or Thank you for your cooperation.

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