Scholarships FAQs

Why should outside scholarships be made payable to UC Regents?
Payments made payable to UC Regents will expedite the process.
Does the student need to report outside scholarships to financial aid?

Yes, the student should report the scholarship thru MyAwards.

Why the outside scholarship is disbursed this way?

Scholarships are posted per the donor request.

Does a unit requirement change the way an outside scholarship is disbursed?

Yes, it will not disburse unless the student is enrolled in 12 or more units.  If the scholarship has a unit requirement it is prorated over the 3 terms, unless otherwise clearly stated by the donor.

Can the disbursement be changed once it has been deposited to the student account?

It is not the practice to change the disbursement once it has been posted unless changes made to financial aid package occur.

What if my outside scholarship has not posted to my student account?

Contact the Student Accounting Office to follow up. Scholarships are posted as soon as they are received by the university.  If you are expecting a scholarship and it has not posted to your account, please contact the Student Accounting office at (530)752-3646 or email us at

How long do I wait to inquire about an outside scholarship or loan?

Please allow 2 weeks for your scholarship to be received and processed.

How long does it take for UC Davis to receive electronic funds?

It can take up to 3 business days.

How long does it take for an outside scholarship or loan to post to the student account once it is received at UC Davis?

Funds are posted to the student accounts within 2 - 3 business days.

What if my outside scholarship or loan arrives on the day of the fee payment deadline?

All payments received by the Fee Payment Deadline will be posted to their student account.

What information is needed to process my outside scholarship payment?

Student Name, UC Davis Student ID Number, Academic Year and Term for Disbursement.

What if the outside scholarship is not received by UC Davis by the fee payment deadline?

Scholarships must be received prior to the fee payment deadline to be credited to student balance.

What happens to the outside scholarship if the student does not enroll or meet the unit requirement?

The funds are returned to the donor after the add/drop date. View dates.

How long does it take to process my outside loan?

It takes approximately one full week from the day your lender releases the funds.

What is the campus contact for outside scholarships?

Student Accounting at 2100 Dutton Hall, at (530)752-3646 or you can email your questions to

Where should students mail their outside scholarships?

Send to:

University of California, Davis

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office

PO Box 989062

West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

Can the outside scholarship check be overnighted via Fed Ex or UPS?

Yes, send it to:

University of California, Davis

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office

1200 Dutton Hall, Davis, CA 95616

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