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I have a hold on my records, how do I resolve this?

Please see the following link for a list of Student Accounting holds and information on how to resolve them. 

I have already completed my Exit counseling interview but my hold still remains on the account. When will this be removed?

There are two separate Exit Loan Counseling Interviews. For any Perkins/Institutional loans, exit counseling should be completed at: For any Federal/Direct loans, exit counseling should be completed at The Student Accounting exit interview needs to be completed to have the hold removed. This hold is released within 2 business days after the requirement has been completed.

I withdrew from the University but now have a balance due and cannot pay this immediately. What should I do?

Once you leave the University, any balance due on your student account is due immediately but if you are not able to pay the amount in full, please contact us and request to speak with a collections representative to go over your options at: 530-752-3646. We refer past due student accounts to commercial collections agencies; however, payment plans may be available to avoid this. 

I am having trouble logging in to any online system (Ex. MyBill, Direct Deposit). Can you help me?

If you are experiencing an error logging in to any of our systems, this is often the result our browsers not being compatible. This can be easily resolved by updating your browser or using an alternate browser.  If you continue to have issues, please print screen any error messages that you are receiving and forward them to MyUCD website so that we can further assist you.

I have taken out student loans. When and where do I start re-paying these?

If you borrowed loans while at UC Davis, you will need to complete exit loan counseling for each of your loans.  During the exit session, you will review the amounts you borrowed, when you’re scheduled to enter repayment, the terms of the loans, as well as the contact information for the servicer of those loans.  Please keep in mind that if you borrowed anything other than Federal Direct Loans, you will have at least two different billing services for your loans and at least two exit counseling requirements.  Please consult the Exit Loan Counseling page for further information regarding exit requirements and how to find your billing servicer.

My student loans through UC Davis is now in collections. Who do I contact to make payment arrangements?

You will need to contact the collection agency to setup the payment arrangement.  If you do not know which agency your account has been placed with then please contact Student Accounting at (530)752-3648.

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