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Federal regulations mandate that all student loan borrowers complete exit loan counseling anytime they drop below half-time status or when they file for graduation.  This can mean a borrower may be required to complete exit loan counseling multiple times throughout their academic career.  Completion of exit loan counseling in no way effects a borrower’s ability to get future financial aid nor does it put your loans into repayment.  Your loans will only enter repayment if you are no longer enrolled at least half-time* (full-time for HPSL loans) at an eligible institution.

Exit loan counseling is an opportunity for the borrower to review their rights and responsibilities regarding their student loan(s) as well as provide their lender(s) with updated contact and reference information.  The types of loans borrowed while at UC Davis will determine the exit requirement(s) a borrower may have.  Please refer to the chart below to determine which exit requirement(s) you may need to complete. 



Billing Servicer

Exit Requirement

Federal Perkins

UC Davis

Heartland ECSI
Phone number:  (888) 549-3274

Payment mailing address
University of California Davis c/o ECSI 
PO Box 718
Wexford, PA 15090-0718

Each loan type has its own Exit Counseling; please click the documents section of each loan in your Heartland ECSI account to complete the designated Exit Counseling Interview(s).

University Student Loan (USL, MRAK, Kendall, Liter)

UC Davis

Health Professions Student Loan

UC Davis

Noyce Repayable Scholarship

UC Davis

CA Dream Loan

UC Davis

Federal Direct & PLUS loans

Department of Education

Will be listed with your loan record on

 (You will need your FAFSA ID for this website)

For those needing to complete their exit loan counseling requirement for any loan owed back to UC Davis, a ZF hold will be placed on their account.  This hold will block all access to student records as well as future registration. The hold will be removed within 2 business days after the requirement has been completed.

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