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How can I get a list of the student fees?

You can get an estimate of all student fees at the University Budget & Institutional Analysis

I have set up a schedule payment on MyBill to pay my students fees before the due date. Why did it not take out my payment?

There may be different reasons why the scheduled payment did not process.

  • Your payment may not go through because the amount due may have been larger than the amount you have set as your maximum payment amount on MyBill. 
  • The terms of your scheduled payment has expired. 
  • No fees were due at that time.
How do I pay a different amount than what is due on the MyBill?

To make a payment other than the entire account balance, click on the payment tab in MyBill, select amount due and manually enter the amount you wish to pay in the empty box provided.  We do not accept amounts greater than what is due.

How can I waive the student health insurance plan (SHIP) fees?

You can fill out the waiver at Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).

Who do I contact if I have submitted my health insurance waiver application and it's not posted to my account?

Once you apply for the waiver it usually takes approximately 10 days to be approved.  If you don’t see the waiver after the 10 days, please contact Student Health and Counseling Services, Insurance Office to discuss your pending waiver. Please call (530) 752-6055.

Do I still need to pay for the Health Insurance even though I have waived it?

As long as your health insurance waiver is posted to your account by the fee payment deadline you will not need to make payment.  If your waiver, has not posted to your account, then you must make payment to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

Will I receive a refund if I pay the full amount including SHIP and the waiver gets posted later?

Once your waiver has posted to your account any credit balances will be refunded after the 10th day of instruction.

My statement amount is different than my account status on MyBill. What amount is correct?

Monthly billing statements are courtesy electronic statements that are issued on the 22nd of each month. They are static and do not reflect charges and payments made directly after that billing period.  For the most accurate information, always refer to your MyBill account activity.

How do I obtain a statement for the amount due?

You may log into MyBill, and click on eStatements, then select the billing statement you wish to view or print.

What's an authorized user?

An authorized user is a person that the student has allowed access to their account. The authorized user is able to discuss financial information in the student account with our office. Without this authorization, our office won't be able to discuss any account details.

I am a parent and I’m having trouble signing myself up to pay my students bill. How do I sign up and pay?

The student will need to log into MyBill and click the authorized user tab to enter any third party and provide them access to their MyBill account. Any authorized user will have their own log-in email and password. The third party password is set by the authorized user once they receive the notification that they have been added to the account. Please keep in mind the authorized users and the student use different logins. Be sure to use the appropriate link to log in. 

I’m a student and I am attempting to login to the MyBill using my e-mail address and password but I’m unable to get in.

As a student, you should be logging in under the “Students and Staff” link which will re-direct you to a page where you will enter your Kerberos Login ID and Passphrase.  If you cannot remember these, please contact IT Services for assistance at: 530-754-HELP (4357)

I’m not an authorized user on the account but I’m responsible of paying my student’s bill. Why can't you discuss my student’s account with me?

Due Federal Laws and Regulations, we are unable to disclose student information if the student is over 18 years old and has not provided the authorization.  For more information about Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  To become an authorized user please have your student grant you access on MyBill.

I have a question about a UC Davis Bookstore charge on my student account. Who do I speak with about this?

UC Davis Bookstore charges can be directed to the UC Davis Bookstore at (530) 752-6846.

I have a question about a Student Health Center charge on my student account. Who do I speak with about this?

Student Health and Counseling Services charges can be directed to the Student Health Center at: 530-752-9639.

Why do I have a Cal AGGIE fee on my account?

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) Voluntary Fee Pledge is a way for students who belong to the SAA while in school to become fully paid members of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) upon graduation.  For Cal Aggie questions please contact: (530) 752-0286.

Why am I being charged a course material fee?

Students may be charged fees in some courses for the use, rental or consumption of materials, tools or equipment, or for the costs of materials or services necessary to provide a special supplemental educational experience. For example, course materials fees may cover the purchase of chemicals and glassware for a science laboratory or art supplies for an art studio class. They might also cover film rentals, field trips, or the purchase or rental of specific equipment. Courses that may be subject to the course materials fee are listed in the Class Schedule..

Can course materials fee be waived?

Course Material Fee Waivers are accepted up until the 20th day of instruction.  Please refer to the Office of the University Registrar website.

Why was I assessed a $110.00 late fee?

The $110 late fee is assessed to undergraduate students who register for the first time after the Registration Freeze, or those who re-register after being dropped for non-payment.  For the graduate students the $110 late fee is assessed to those who have not paid tuition, fees and any outstanding balance due by their final student fee payment deadline.  They will be cancelled from their future term, and all registered classes for the future term will be dropped for non-payment.

Can I get the $110 late registration fee waived?

The late registration fee is a non-refundable fee. For further information please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (530) 752-3639 regarding the late fee or visit their website.

When is the Student Fee Payment Deadline?

All fees are due on the 15th of each month. For the calendar of university deadlines please visit the Office of the University Registrar webpage

What are the consequences of not paying on time?

Students may be dropped from their classes if they have not paid their current university fees and any outstanding balance due by the Student Fee Payment Deadline.  In addition, a $110 late will be assessed to the account.

Why didn’t I receive as much financial aid this year as last year?

Your eligibility to receive financial aid and the amount you receive is determined by the packaging based off of your FAFSA. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

Why didn’t I receive my full grant that was disbursed as a refund?

Once grants are disbursed to the student’s account, any balance due will be deducted prior to any refund being issued.

My financial aid is showing authorized on my account but it has not yet disbursed and the fee payment deadline is approaching. Will I be required to make a payment?

As long as your financial aid shows authorized, you are only responsible for making the payment amount specified in the “Amount Due Including Estimated Aid” under your current account status in Mybill.

My financial aid is still processing and the fee payment deadline is approaching. Will I be required to make a payment?

To avoid being dropped for non-payment, you are responsible to pay all of your fees until your financial has been authorized.  We recommend you contact the Financial Aid Office to follow-up on the status of your aid.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my pending loans, Cal Grant, Pell Grant, etc.?

All questions pertaining to pending Financial Aid (loans, Cal Grant, Pell Grant, etc.) should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

I see different amounts due on MyBill. What do I need to pay?

You can find your Balance due at MyBill under My Account, Current Account Status. Your actual amount due might be different based on the following:

  1. If you have financial aid and your aid is on authorized status, you are responsible to pay the Balance Including Estimated Aid. Even though your aid hasn’t disbursed yet, the university will account for it before the fee payment deadline.
  2. If you do not have financial aid or your aid is not fully authorized, you are responsible for the entire amount under Balance.
  3. If you are on Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), you are responsible to pay the complete balance Not Included in Plan under Other Charges. In addition to the current DPP installment. You can find the DPP installments detail under Payment Plan.
  4. If you are comparing your Balance under Current Account Status with the Bill Amount under Statements and they are different, that is because you had charges or payments posted to your account after the monthly billing statements were issued. Please refer to items 1 – 3 to determine your amount due.  
Why is there a Financial Aid charge on my account?

Financial Aid appearing as a charge on your account is a result adjustments to your aid package.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for any further information.

Where does a student obtain his/her password for MyBill?

Students need to use their UC Davis Kerberos ID and Passphrase to login into MyBill. If you need assistance retrieving or requesting a new passphrase, please contact UC Davis Computing Account Services Help Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357) or visit their website and select “Change your passphrase”. Students shouldn’t use the “Forgot Your Password” link in MyBill as that is for authorized users only.

What should I do if my wallet has been stolen or misplaced?

You must report your lost ID card to the Aggie Card office. We also recommend visiting Identity Theft for additional information.

Can I cash my refund check at the Cashier's Office?

University checks up to $500 can be cashed at the Cashier's Office.

Who should I contact about a Student Housing late fee?

Please contact Student Housing Office in regards to the Housing Late Fee. You can contact them by email at  or (530) 752-2033.

. I paid my housing deposit in March and it's not showing on my account. When will it appear on my account?

It will appear on your account in late August when your Fall Quarter fees are posted to your account.

I was charged a housing late fee and I don't understand why?

Housing late fees are charged to accounts if full payment has not been received for your university housing charges.  Please contact Student Housing Office in regards to the Housing Late Fee. You can contact them by email at  or (530) 752-2033.

Why do I need to provide my student ID every time I contact Student Accounting?

In order to verify we are talking to the correct student and to protect the student information we must obtain this information.  To comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations we must verify that you are indeed the person who is calling.  Once we have verified that we are talking to the correct student or authorized user, we are then able to view your account and answer any questions you may have.

I am currently an undergraduate at another campus. My aid will not be disbursed until after UCD fee payment deadline. Can I wait or do I need to make payment by the UCD Fee Payment Deadline?

You will need to pay all of your fees by the UC Davis Fee Payment Deadline.  If your aid is posted to your UC Davis account at a later date we will process your refund.

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